Domain Names, Hosting, and Web Design

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Service Offerings

Web Design and Maintenance
ITET Group Web Services provides a full array of Web Design services. Whether you're in the market for a comprehensive ecommerce web site, or a simple web brochure, contact us and we'll have a no pressure, no obligation about your internet needs.

Complete Web Solutions
The principals of ITET Group Web services are from diverse information technology backgrounds and industry from which spring so many ideas that we'd need another site just to talk about them. In that spirit of creativity, we continue to develop prepared Web Solutions that harness the internet and provide clients with automation that previously was not cost effective for small businesses. We strive to keep our costs in check so that we can provide affordable solutions. Check out our ever changing portfolio of prepared solutions. If we do not yet offer what you seek, contact us to discuss a custom solution. Oh, and don't get stressed about the cost. We love ideas and want to work with you. Conversations are free.

Domain and Hosting Services
Ok, so now you have a web site; or you need one and your still reading. That's good news. ITET Group Web Services, and ITET Group company, also provides a full line of domain name and hosting products. Search for and purchase your new domain name. While you're there, you can purchase and set up your hosting account. If you prefer, we can handle this for you and the cost will be passed through without mark up. Which ever method you're more comfortable with. We're happy to help.

Company Slogan/Advertising Tag Line
Never underestimate the value of an advertising slogan or tag line. Ever heard the phrase: "Just do it!". How about "Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands". The right slogan or advertising tag line can set you apart from others in your field. ITET Web Service can povide you with Slogan and/or Advertising Tag line choices.

Web Content Development/Review
We found that the most difficult task with creating a web site is creating the content. You can read it over and ove again, and each time you'll come up with a change. There's always another way to say it, isn't there. Let the ITET Group Web Services content editor review your site's content and provide comments and recommended updates (if any). It never hurts to get another opinion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is creating, and maintaining your site so that it will "float" toward the top when the right search phrases are keyed into the search engines. ITET Web Services makes every effort to create your site with SEO in mind. Once your site is published, an ongoing effort is required to ensure your site ranks as high as possible and remains there